Your channel deserves a professional website

And you can get one in a few minutes. Tubinator is a website engine with YouTubers in mind. Highlight your best videos, customize your bio and contact preferences, showcase your social and payment links.

Ready out of the box

Generate a website with one click from your YouTube channel. No need to mess with templates or code for weeks.

Updates itself

Your newly published videos automatically get added to your website. No need to manually update your website whenever you publish a new video.


Pages specifically designed to highlight videos, social and payment links.

It's free!

Publish your website today. Publish on your own domain name for as low as $2.99.

It's not 2006 anymore...

These days subscribers, customers and advertisers expect top notch quality. Give your brand a superstar look.

Make your channel more attractive to advertisers

Every day advertisers search for YouTubers to reach out to for partnerships and collabs. Get your online presence in order - showcase your best work, outline the benefits and process of working with you. Tubinator will help you get an awesome professional bio website without the headache of complex setup and constant maintenance.

Showcase your social and payment links. Make it dead simple to follow you.

Share one link to give your viewers the choice of supporting you on Patreon, following on Twittergram, and (hopefully) buying something from an affiliate link. You know that users have the attention span of a butterfly - make it easy for them to follow your links.

Tell your story

Be more than a YouTuber, be a brand. Tell the world what you're about. Brag about your adventures or some awesome stuff you made. Sell something. Sell yourself. Or just copy-paste your YouTube channel description :)

Re-use your content

Turn your videos into beautiful articles. You already have the script ready, so publishing as text only makes sense. Tubinator makes it easy to format your script, turn it into paragraphs, add navigation and screenshots, add conversion banners and affiliate links to your articles.

Establish more earning opportunities

Websites can generate serious money. Websites are a lot less restrictive than YouTube. Feature special deals and contests, sell your art or products. Add partner links and affiliate banners to your articles. Go beyond just showing ads, diversify your revenue stream.

Computer science degree not required

Running a website typically requires reading about plugins, SEO, hosting and theme configuration. Not with the Tubinator.

WordPress Tubinator
  1. Find a good hosting
  2. Buy the hosting
  3. Find a good theme
  4. Buy the theme
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Install the theme
  7. Update the theme
  8. Configure theme
  9. Create pages
  10. Copy your content, links and descriptions to the pages
  11. Install Yoast SEO plugin
  12. Buy and configure SSL certificate
  1. Generate your website
  2. Customize the website on one page
  3. Click publish

More features

Looks great on all devices

You website is fully responsive - will display perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Custom domain

Your website is on your personal domain ( Don't have one? We'll help you buy one and connect it.

Customizable pages

Easily configure your generated website with your text, pictures, social and promo links.

Auto import channel data

Generate your website in one click. Tubinator will import your channel links, images and videos from your YouTube channel. No painful set-up or copy-pasting required.

Auto import YouTube videos

Tubinator will check your channel daily for newly published videos, and feature newly-published videos on your website. No need to update your website whenever your publish a new video.

Customize which videos to feature

Instruct Tubinator which videos to feature on your website, or just opt to include them all.

Built-in SEO features

All important SEO features included: image compression, document minification, necessary tags, fast load times, responsive design, sitemaps, easily configurable SEO tags. Ready to rank on day one.

Security included

All hosted websites are protected by the 2048 bit SSL encryption