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Give your videos an extra push. Generate high-quality chapters, captions, articles, tweets, posts, and more.

  • Captions for videos: $0.015 / min
  • Chapters for videos: $0.005 / 100 video words
  • Generate content for videos:
    $0.005 / 100 video words + $0.01 / 100 output words

Generate a demo website

Boost Your Channel's Engagement and Visibility

Easy and powerful tools for growing your YouTube channel.
Generate Chapters

Chapters increase engagement and watch time — the most valuable metrics for the YouTube algorithm.

Chapters invite video navigation, lowering the chance of viewers clicking away. Generate chapters for your videos in seconds, for just a few cents per video.

Example chapter prompts:

  • "5-7 chapters, all caps"
  • "Make sure to include chapters about cat and dog breeds"
  • "Start each chapter with an emoji"
  • "Do not create a chapter for promotion, each chapter 3-5 words"
  • $0.005 per reading 100 words of video transcript
Generate Captions / Subtitles

87% (!!!) of YouTube viewers watch with captions, but nobody wants "I scream" when you're talking about "ice cream".

We use cutting-edge AI to craft quality captions without the laughable blunders — No more "peace" turning into "peas" or "soul" flipping into "sole", even for tough accents and jargon.

Transcription example:
Show transcript result
This is the Micro Machine Man presenting the most midget miniature motorcade of Micro Machines. Each one has dramatic details, terrific trim, precision paint jobs, plus incredible Micro Machine Pocket Play Sets. There’s a police station, fire station, restaurant, service station, and more. Perfect pocket portables to take any place. And there are many miniature play sets to play with, and each one comes with its own special edition Micro Machine vehicle and fun, fantastic features that miraculously move. Raise the boatlift at the airport marina. Man the gun turret at the army base. Clean your car at the car wash. Raise the toll bridge. And these play sets fit together to form a Micro Machine world. Micro Machine Pocket Play Sets, so tremendously tiny, so perfectly precise, so dazzlingly detailed, you’ll want to pocket them all. Micro Machines are Micro Machine Pocket Play Sets sold separately from Galoob. The smaller they are, the better they are.
  • $0.015 per minute of video
Generate content for videos

Optimized content boosts visibility and audience growth on YouTube.

Quickly generate title variations, tweets, articles, and announcements, saving time and enhancing SEO to attract more viewers.

Example prompts:

  • "Suggest 10 punchy titles for my video"
  • "Write a tweet that announces my video"
  • "Write a video description with a focus on younger audience"
  • "Write an article about this video for my blog"
  • $0.005 per reading 100 words of video transcript
  • $0.01 per writing 100 words of content
Website for your channel

A dedicated website for your channel increases traffic and strengthens your brand outside of YouTube.

Tubinator automatically generates and updates your site as new videos are published, making it easy and seamless to maintain a centralized hub for fans, unlock new revenue streams, and boost your site's SEO for wider content promotion.

  • Free
  • $2.99 on your custom domain

$0 / per month
Pay-as-you-go is the only fair way to do it.

Generate Chapters for YouTube videos
Cost: $0.005 per reading 100 words of video transcript

How does it work? Select a video in your account, and click "Generate Chapters". You can optionally provide a chapters prompt (ask AI to generate chapters on a specific topic, specific length, number of chapters, language, etc.). In order to generate chapters, Tubinator needs to read the transcript of your video. The more words your video has, the more it will cost to generate chapters.

Generate chapters with one click. Create an account for free.

Generate Captions/Subtitles for YouTube videos
Cost: $0.015 per minute of the video

How does it work? Select a video in your account, and click "Generate Captions". Tubinator will 'watch' your video and generate captions for it. You can export the captions into a .srt file.

Generate captions with one click. Create an account for free.

Generate Content based on your YouTube videos
Cost: $0.005 per reading 100 words of video + $0.01 per writing 100 words

How does it work? Select a video in your account, and click "Generate Content". Provide a prompt for the AI to generate content on ('Write a tweet', 'Write a blog post', 'Generate 10 possible titles'). In order to generate content, Tubinator needs to read the transcript of your video. The more words your video has, and the longer the content you want to generate, the more it will cost. You can optionally publish the generated content as a blog post on your website.

Generate content for your video. Create an account for free.

Want a website for your YouTube channel?

Tubinator generates a website that features your YouTube videos, social links, has a contact form and 'About' section, for free. If you want to publish your website on a domain name ( and further customize it - we have a cheap plan for that.

Less than 50K subs 50K+ subs
Monthly Annually
Pay annually - get 2 months for free

Tubinator Free

Pay as you go to generate chapters, transcripts and content. Bio website with up to 20 videos.
$0.00 / month
  • Your channel's website on domain
  • Convert unlimited number of videos to articles
  • Feature up to 20 videos on your website
  • Publish up to 3 blog articles
  • 4 front page themes
  • Page with links and bio
  • Page with a contact form

Tubinator Premium

Custom domain. Customize your website. Unlimited videos and articles.
$8.99 $2.99 / month
  • Everything in the 'Free' plan plus:
  • Publish the website on your domain or subdomain
  • Unlimited blog articles
  • Customize menu, footer and sidebar
  • Feature your YouTube Playlists on your website
  • Customize front page with your brand's theme colors
  • Remove Tubinator branding from your website

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