Convert YouTube videos to articles

Effortless way to get more eyes on your YouTube content

Tubinator's AI-powered engine will automagically convert your videos into beautiful SEO-friendly posts.

  • Reach new audiences
    Effortlessly rank your content on all search engines and news aggregators. Reach users who are not even on YouTube.
  • Have search engines index ALL of of your video content, not just the title
    Search engines often don't index video script/captions, but always index the text of the articles. Leverage every single word of your videos, literally.
  • Use automatic smart monetization of your content
    Control side-wide monetization of your content using simple configurable interface.
  • Look stunning to subscibers and advertisers
    Tubinator will generate a professional customizeable website for your YouTube channel in one click.

Some people read.
Some people watch.
Target both.

Don't miss out of those who spend their time. By converting your YouTube videos to articles you also start appearing in Google and other search engines.

Creating high quality videos?
Search engines and news aggregator apps love suggesting high quality articles to their users. Start acquiring users beyond YouTube, organically appearing in their phone, app and web feeds.

Serious about your channel? Start re-using your video content today.

Fully leverage the power of SEO for your videos

Let's talk about keywords

If your video title is

  • How do roundabouts affect pedestrian traffic?

you will only appear when users search for keywords 'roundabouts', 'pedestrian', 'traffic' (and their synonyms).

Expand Explode your organic acquisition keyword base

Publish the above mentioned video as an interactive article - and your content will start appearing for people searching for cars, accident rates, speed limits - all of the keywords in your video, not just the title.

Effortlessly, automatically monetize your website

All of your Tubinator articles feature conversion boxes. By default, they invite readers to subscribe to your channel and support you on Patreon.

Manage sponsored links and content in one place

Organize your most frequently used promotions and configure which ones should appear in your articles with specified frequency. Whether your primary conversion is subscribing to the channel, buying a course or supporting on Patreon - you're in control.

Affiliate link outdated? Promotion ended? Fix it in one place, without having to go back and edit all of your articles.

Does your YouTube channel have a website?

Generate a website for your YouTube channel in under a minute.
- OR -
Embed your video articles onto your existing website for extra SEO power.
Psst... Tubinator comes with a customizable website for your channel.
Blogging engine

Every video you post on YouTube is featured on your Tubinator website. Take it further - publish news, announcements, giveaways, etc using the Tubinator blogging engine.

Auto-import your YouTube videos

Your new videos will be automatically imported and featured on your website, daily.

Feature your social and promo links

What kind of YouTuber website would it be without your social links page? Make sure to include your YouTube, Insta and maybe a couple of Amazon affiliate links.

Bio Page

Tell your story on the front page. Or don't (you can hide it in the settings).

Contact Form

After you impress advertisers with your amazing website, make sure they can reach out to you. Auto protected by captcha.

Feature YouTube lists

Make dedicated pages for your YouTube playlists.

Custom domain

Website on custom domains (like rank better on Google. But if you don't want to bother, you can always have your free website on the domain.