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Chapter instructions

Why do chapters increase video watch time?

Viewers often click away from videos quickly, but having chapters compels the user to 'check out the chapters first'. This forces the viewer to spend more time to think about your content, decreasing the likelihood of clicking away. This reduction of bounce rate is the reason for the increase of the average watch time.

How does Tubinator generate chapters in seconds?

Our AI bot will 'watch' your video, analyze it, and generate chapters based on the content. The bot will then create a timeline of the video, and add chapters at the appropriate times.

How much does it cost?

$0 per month, no monthly fees! We charge $0.005 per 100 words of the transcript.
If your video has 1000 words, chapters will cost you $0.05.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, paste a link to your video into the form above. Chapters usually take 10-20 seconds to generate.

I want my video to have specific chapters

Use the 'Prompt' field. You can ask the AI to perform any type of specific request. For example, 'Make 5-8 chapters', 'Each chapter must be a question', 'Chapters must be Intro, Unboxing, My Thoughts, Conclulsion', 'Chapters must be in Spanish' - request anything.

Why add chapters to YouTube videos?

Videos with chapters have higher average watch time - algorithm's most important metric. Add chapters - appear in more search results.


AI is still a new field and it is not perfect. Tubinator may peform worse with less structured content. Additionally, Tubinator only reads the transcript, it will not be able to take into account the visuals of the video.

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