Terms and Conditions

Tubinator is currently in Beta, so terms and conditions are very basic for now. By using the Tubinator, your agree to the following:
  • Do not impersonate others with your account
  • Do not use Tubinator in the way that breaks the law
  • Do not attempt to break Tubinator website and services
  • Your use of Tubinator is 'as is' and without warranty. We will not be liable for any issues that result from its usage. We don’t guarantee that Tubinator will be what you expect it to be and we don’t guarantee any results.
  • Upon your request we will close your account and delete all your data on Tubinator.
  • We are not responsible for what users post on Tubinator. You can always report content if you think it should not be on Tubinator.
  • Content you post on Tubinator is your intellectual property and your responsibility.
  • We will modify this agreement in the future. If change are substantial, we will notify you.
We'll update this page with proper T&C soon.