Tubinator FAQ

This page is a collection of questions that we usually receive. Don't see your question? Reach out to us

What is Tubinator?

Tubinator is a website builder / landing page generator for YouTubers. Its core feature is the ability to generate beautiful long-form SEO-friendly articles from YouTube videos.

How does video-to-article generation work?

Tubinator algorithm will try its best to punctuate, format, split the text into paragraphs and will take screenshots to make the article readable, saving you hours of work. Keep in mind that AI is still not as smart as a person, we do recommend to take a quick look at the resulting article before publishing it.

What languages are supported?

Tubinator can generate articles from YouTube videos in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch at the moment. Video articles in other languages are also supported, but Tubinator would not be able to punctuate and format them (you would have to make sure that the corresponding YouTube video has captions).

How to I monetize my video articles?

Tubinator will seamlessly insert conversion boxes into your articles. By default these conversion boxes will encourage the reader to subscribe to your YouTube channel and support you on Patreon (if you have it). You can fully customize your default conversion box in the account monetization settings. You can configure you preferred way of monetizing traffic (subscribe, merch, course, affiliate link, etc), and the frequency of the conversion boxes in your articles.

Additionally, you can customize certain articles to use a custom conversion action. For example, you default conversion action can be 'subscribe to my channel', but in articles that talk about drawing you can use a custom conversion box for your drawing lessons. Managing all conversions in one place allows for a more organized way of managing your content monetization.

Why do I need a website for my YouTube channel?

  • Get more views, subscribers and revenue with minimal effort.
    Web pages and YouTube videos rank on Google in different ways. Articles are suggested more frequently in news feeds and aggregators. The entire body of the web page is indexed by the search engine, unlike the videos. To maximize your reach and viewer acquisition you should ideally publish your content both in the form of a video and an article. Tubinator allows you to do this with minimal effort.
  • Promote your services and monetize better.
    Website are less restrictive than YouTube videos - promote your services, merch, Patreon, courses, etc using banners, conversion links and dedicated pages on your website, not just as a 'link in the description'.
  • Look professional in the eyes of potential advertisers and customers.

Do people reading my video articles increase the view count on my YouTube channel?

Yes. Every video article has your YouTube video embedded. Engaged views of embedded videos increase your YouTube view count. Additionally, when reading an article, the reader is presented with many opportunities to follow a link to your channel or YouTube video page, creating a good viewer acquisition source for your channel.

Doesn't posting the video script on a page count as duplicate content?

No. Google explicitly confirmed that posting a video as a blog article is considered a different piece of content by Google crawlers. You're essentially getting twice the indexed content per single video when doing it.

How do I convert a YouTube video to an article?

After you link a YouTube channel to your Tubinator account, you will see the list of your videos in your 'YouTube' settings.

  • Click on the 'Convert' button for the video you'd like to convert.
  • Select the text source from the article (captions, YouTube video description, or custom text).
  • Optionally select how frequently you would like to add the video screenshots to the article.
  • Press 'Generate'.

Can I publish regular articles on my Tubinator website?

Yes, you can use Tubinator article editor to publish regular blog posts, not just video articles.

Should I convert all of my videos into articles?

Typically videos with a well prepared script are better candidates for articles. Reaction videos and music videos are examples of videos that are less suitable for it. You can choose to feature such videos as a link to YouTube on your website, or altogether exclude them from your Tubinator website in your Youtube Config.

Will Tubinator pick up new videos as I publish them on my channel?

Yes, Tubinator will scan your channel daily, and feature any videos that you publish on your website. You can change this behavior in your Youtube config to only manually feature specific videos from your channel.

Can I edit the article without publishing it?

Yes, every article has a 'draft' version and a 'published' version. Your work-in-progress articles are not public. Publish once you think the article is good to go.

How do I create a website for my YouTube channel?

Go to registration page, enter your Youtube channel url, name and description - and your website is ready!

How do I make sure my website appears and ranks in Google?

Tubinator websites are out-of-the-box SEO-optimized, and the Tubinator will submit your website to Google for indexing as soon as it's ready. To speed up this process you can add a link to your Tubinator website from your YouTube channel. It usually takes a couple of weeks for your website to start appearing in Google. Also note that publishing your website on a custom domain will certainly make your website rank better.

What URL will my Tubinator website be published on?

After your create your website, it will be published on a tubinator.app subdomain (for example mychannel.tubinator.app). To find your website link just click on the 'My website' link in the menu of your account. You can share this link with anybody - the website is ready to be shared right away.

How to publish my Tubinator website on a custom domain?

To publish your website on a custom domain your website must be at least on a Tubinator Basic plan. Go to website domain settings and follow the steps there. You will need to update the DNS settings of your domain name. Our support can help you with that.

I don't want to show my email on the Tubinator website.

By default, your website visitors can see your email (your email is protected by captcha anti-bot software). If you don't want the website to display your email, go to website configuration page, scroll down to the 'Allow website visitors to reach out by email?' section and set the value to 'No'.

Can I display a contact email that is different from my Tubinator account email?

Yes. By default, your account email will be displayed as your contact email. If you wish to shot a contact email different from your account email on your Tubinator website, go to website configuration page, scroll down to the 'Custom Contact Email' and enter your email there.

How do I change the text on the front page of my Tubinator website?

Go to website configuration page - you can configure text, links and images that are displayed on your Tubinator website.